Pandemic Set

A pandemic set for the proper prevention of different kinds of epidemics and pandemics (such as influenza A viruses).

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The global spread of highly pathogenic Influenza A viruses is considered to be a constant threat. Experts advice to take immediate precautions. The most important and effective step you can take against these viruses is to prevent them.

The pandemic set includes:

  • 3 filtrate half-masks (FFP3)
  • 1 litre spray bottle Fermacidal D2 (surface disinfectant)
  • 50 ml spray Manoferm (hand and skin disinfectant)
  • 100 ml Manoferm Gel (hand and skin disinfectant)

Masks can be reused repeatedly after disinfecting their surface with Fermacidal D2.

The two recommended disinfectants are optimal for surface and skin disinfection due to their high efficacy against viruses with a coat just like the H5N1 virus. Due to their great characteristics they are very pleasant to apply. The disinfectants are non-toxic and do not contain alcohol or aldehydes.


  • Pandemic Set (art. no. 340.001)