Fermacidal 2 Single Disinfecting Wipe

Fermacidal 2 Single Disinfecting Wipes are enclosed in a handy and hygienic container without drying out, ready to be used on surfaces and objects of all sorts. You just need to push strongly on the middle of the box to release the disinfectant onto the wipe and have a fresh wipe every time! You can carry the little box around in your purse, bag or car and have it always accessible when needed. It is handy at your workplace, when traveling, in your leisure activities and sports.

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Fermacidal 2 is a disinfectant suitable for the neutralization of bad smells. It is a ready-to-use solution without alcohol or aldehydes that does not cause any skin or mucous membrane irritations and does not stain.

It is bactericide, fungicide (Candida) and selectively virucide. Effective against Hepatitis B, HIV, Mycobacterium (tuberculosis) and Trichophyton mentagrophytes (athlete's foot). It has been proven that Fermacidal 2 is also effective against avian disease like the bird flu (H5N1) with a reaction time of 15 minutes.


For your personal protection around the clock. Always accessible with you in your purse, bag, car, during sports, hiking, on trips and while traveling. Can be customized on request (with your own logo) making it ideal for advertising purposes.


Quaternary ammonium compounds.


  • 10 single disinfecting wipes (art. no. 201.010)
  • Single Disinfecting Wipes, box of 100 units (art. no. 201.100)